Monday, January 22, 2007

7 Sea life

Photos taken from the National Sea Life Center in Birmingham:

The orange rock is actually a fish :) lol.. though it looks really obvious from the picture. In reality it was really hard to vision it as one.

Date: November 2006


Anonymous said...

national sea life centreeee!tht day was fun eh!unfortunately cant rem ny of the fish' name..:( fish seems kwite familiar tho!:D:P lol . .thn we rushed bac home coz u guys had a bus to catch! was too too much fun!

Kulsum said...

oh im sorry i clicked the anonymous button by ..

neuroticnoon said...


they're beautiful.

have you been to the botanic gardens?
or the Aquraium in london, worth checking out.

I love the jelly fish,


sayyeda said...

no no.. havent been to any of those places mentionedd.. hmm.. i better start making a list of places to visitt.. lol..

the jellyfish is actually an upside down jelly fish :D

hmm.. ohh.. the snow yesterday was a really good scenery, especially since it was my first time seeing snoww :D.. after that nothing could spoil my mood, not even the train delays which made me 20 min late for my lecturee :D lol..

sayyeda said...

kulsum come to london soonn.. so we can go around all the nice places in london.. :D :D

kulsum said...

yeaaa..i want to cum..and we ll def plan sumthin kool agen last time..:).rem we were thinkin aroun 2nd feb-ish..??? tell me hw things work out wid u..and ill confirm tooo ..xXx

neuroticnoon said...

two of my nieces have come to london from dar to settle so i know how you feel, they were bursting with excitment when they woke up!

yeah like 2 cm of snow and the whole of london comes to a standstill us brits sure know how to overeact.