Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I see you on the shore,
I yearn for you.
I see you in the morning dew,
I yearn for you
I hear your drops fall
I yearn for you

Your cycle continues
From the pits of the earth, so narrow.
You're lifted to the skies, so wide.
Fall you must, back into the earth.
I hear you,
I feel you
I quench myself with you.
Oh! Sweet water, how pure are you?!


Anonymous said...

Hey stranger nice poem!

Karachiite said...

hey there nice poem..
mombasas pretty too..
have uploaded some mombasa pics at my blog!!!

Sayyeda said...

thanks anon and karachitte.

Woww! you came to Mombasa :) Wicked! I'll have a look! :)

Kulsum said...

that one is definitely a WOW! well done! I like the way you mention
'You're lifted to the skies, so wide.
Fall you must, back into the earth.'

Sayyeda said...

aww.. thank you :)

Adi said...

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