Friday, June 30, 2006

6 Temporary goodbyes

Hmm.. is 1.08 a.m and I've just finished packing! lol.. leaving for Dubai & Syria in around 11 hours! I'm not really a last minute packer, but this time I had so much to do, that packing was the last thing on my mind.. Oh well atleast I'm done with it :D So I guess it's a temporary bye-bye..I'l be back on 16th July Inshallah :D

I'm taking to 2 books with me..The 1st is this sudoku puzzle one compiled from the times newspaper (I think..!) 2nd volume or If you'd asked me what sudoku was a year back, i'd probably have replied saying: "it's a fish!" Lol.. I mean honestly the name sounds so fishy-ish. Sort of links with "samaki" in swahili. Anyways this game was introduced to me by my 14 year old cousin-Taha. In the beginning it was frustrating not being able to actualyl get the game.. now it's a lovely game which takes my mind off anything I want to get my mind off.. lol..

The 2nd book is Da vinci code.. Just got it 2day from my friend Sabiha :D I think I'm probably the only person in the wholee of Kenya who's not read it lol..!

Oh well.. its getting lateee! I'm off!


Anonymous said...

uhun ur da last 1 2 read da "davinci code"..ppl av actuli watchd da muvii...loll ehhe

so FINALLY ur goin ehh SHANTIIII..loll nah will miss u l8 nyt chattn pal..cum bk soon..
better get goin

safder said...

Ur such a jokerr sayy..
sudoku / samaki thingi sooo hillarious.... cant stopp lafinn!!!!!!!!

juss luv ur sense of humour

Ibrahim Ali said...

Have a safe trip.

sayyeda said...

Welcome anonymous..:) yeah I'll miss u tooooo :'(

Safder thx for visitingg! lol..Maisam ne Furqan toke bow aaj yaad kareta.. Maja karij vya mei :D

Thx Ibrahim

sakeeeena said...

hellow! have a safe journey and have fun like crazy...!keep updating ure blog!

Sabs! said...

heyyyyyyy!hope ur avin a gd tym in dxb:P!!don wory ur nt teh onli person whose nt YET read 'da vinci' in d whole of kenyaa!!!!lolll..!bt iv watched teh muvi:P!!hehee!!luv ya!sabssss!!!:D!