Wednesday, June 28, 2006

1 A step back in time

Sometimes when we're faced with power cuts, time seems to float back to the 1900's. Nothing connected to the electrical sockets works, which means no Tvs and computers. During day-time it gets abit boring, however at night it's different-the stars shine like they never have,every sound made by the wind can be heard and we revert to candles or kerosene lanterns when our emergency lights fail to work.I'd rather during these times use lanterns than emergency lights or candles. It's not like I have anything against candles.. lol.. they're really pretty and make a birthday cake look great but I'm scared I'll knock them off or something.. okay not reallyy.. more like used to!

A few weeks back there was a power cut for around 2 hours, my dad switched on the radio, and for a moment I felt this sense of being present during the time of my grandparents.

Days later, we had a half-phase. The PC was the only electrical thing working. A buterfly landed on my PC screen and I managed to capture a picture of it.. My boredom drove me to MS paint where I changed the background colours and took more photos of the butterfly infront of the coloured screen.

P.S: All photos posted were taken during power cuts :D


Anonymous said...

wow! love the butterflies..during my Alevels there was a gigantic black moth that used to lie in wait for me to get up to study n then it wud jump out at me n scare me to death!lolzz!