Tuesday, June 27, 2006

4 Last days

Today I went to school to return my books and meet the teachers. Later all of us mates went to buy gifts for teachers collectively as a class. I had to leave early because Furqan (my cousin) was participating in a debate. It was the finals, and I'd missed 2 of his previous debates (because of exams) where he was named best-speaker. His team won!! And our school's taking them out to lunch to this fancy indian restaurant.. (Shehnai)

In the evening I went to say my good-byes to my best friend Shahista, she's leaving for Moshi tomorrow. I don't know when I'll ever see her again. What I missed today, was giving all the presents to the teachers. Shahista filled me in on all what happened. Our Biology teacher-Mrs.Nguti was deeply touched and she said a really good prayer for all of us which moved many.. :'(

Before today I was always like "Yay! No more edexc-hell and all" and today I realised that I've always taken school for granted..Each day I knew I was going to meet my friends and my teachers.. But now there is no more school. 16 years, and its over! poof! just like that!

Right now I asked my friend Kulsum what Mrs.Nguti prayed for, and this is what she said :
"she prayed to Jehovah God and closed her eyes..so we closed too..lol n she strted prayin asking God to make us successful and help us be heads and not tails... be leaders nt followers..that wotver we touch multipliesss(sounds goodd!eh!lol)..help us in all our endeavours..and wen its the correct time...to grant us good husbands(ERM..lol..gotta say this..we all had our eyes closed but we all managed to laff kidogo...tht was funnyy..lol)that they should be God fearing so they knw we ve all cum from God...and grant us with good babies..and our wombs be fruitful..lol...and den she ended by saying tht she was glad to hav met us and tht she has trusted us to God and prays for our best!we all ended with AMEN thrice...wahwah! nice prayer indeed!"
[Source: Pasted from chat! lol]

Later on I watched the Ghana-Brazil match, I was supporting Ghana even though I knew Brazil was going to win. In the end I feel it'l be a match between Brazil & Germany, with Brazil emerging as the winners :D.


Kulsum said...

heyy...niice blogg..and nice time to strt it..coz we'll all be goin our different ways soon..so it'll be good to walk dwn memory lane here..lol..
todays been PURE fun...after ages..or prob the 1st time we all chilled out well..hectic day but well worth it man..we surely are gonna miss school life and frnz..and yes gotta admit..Jaffery Academy..lol..i would have ritten the entire day's happenings..but too exhausted now..tht'll prob have to b another comment or ill just tell sayy and she'll "paste" it here..hehehehe
anyway sayy..all the besttt in all u do!tc!
luv kulsum

sayyeda said...

Welcome Kulsummm & thanks :)

Anonymous said...

yea was nice..touching man..special moment.wont forget.

sakeeeena said...

that anonymous is me sakeeeena..dint see the 'others' option..hehe