Thursday, February 08, 2007

7 We skipped uni to..

....make the muslim snow-woman :D

The snow-woman was made by Sabiha & Sayyeda at 15.23 hrs :D


Sabiha said...

wassssss so much fun! Sayyeda decided to bunk uni :D lol. luckily Thursdays is my day off. Anyways…we then ended up pickin up some pizza buagettes n headed off to the park! wasss freezing! bt nothing stopped us from makin a snowman:D! it was a unique/CUTE/weird/muslim snowman. oh n btw the eyes aren’t the same size.. !lol..that was too hilarious !..oh..n we made it wear gloves :D took loadsa pics n played in the snow like 8 yr old kids do.. but it wasss all goodd!..:D:D..sabsXx

neuroticnoon said...

lol thats cute, she's missing an ababya thou!

Kulsum said...

sayyyyyyyyyy i bunked uniiii..nything for the snow! even if it means givin up a mock exam..:Dlol okay twasnt coutned..omgg snoww was awesummmm!!!! and the snow woman is really fab! wish i was der

fatima nasser said...

so u finally made a snow man! im proud of u! it looks so cute! now u have to come down to canada where there's a MOUNTAIN of snow for you to have fun wtih!
luv always!

sayyeda said...

hmm.. i dint skip uni lol.. its just that train got stuck for 50 minutes between station and well that's my excuse.. lol

Noon: lol.. nxt tym we'l make sure she's in full hijab :D

Kulsum: I saw your pics.. think you had much more fun than meee! We were too cold by the time we finished.. din't even make snowballs :'(

Fatima: come to Mombasa, there's a mountain of BEACH sand for u 2 have fun with :D

sayyeda said...

ohh btww its called Lily. This nice little girl came towards me and Sabiha and asked us 'What is it called?'

and I said 'Well it doesnt have a name, would you like to name it?'

and she said 'Can it be called Lily?'

And well we agreedd :D

Khadiijah said...

lol she's beautiful.