Saturday, October 21, 2006

7 Pictures

2 pictures taken so far in London :D

Took this from my uni, and thts the london eye far far awayy..!

a blind lady in the tube reading braille and her dog..


Sakeena said...

hey! wow..too nice! i love the pics and i love the poems..u found it finally,fantastic!..keep posting more pics of moments; like the one in the tube. :)

sayyeda said...


When I heard the poems on youtube, I thought of youuuu..! :)
We must have heard the un-finished version of bittersweet a billion times.. finally one thats complete :D

Anyways hope Canada's treating you welll..!

Take care.

miss youu!

Me said...
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Me said...

I was just thinking that before you leave the UK (if you plan to- I'm guessing, sorry) you must spend a day in Tonbridge. Most of the people I know haven't heard of it, but it's got one of the national biking routes and even if you're not keen on riding, you can stroll about through the woods which are picturesque or sit by the lake and read.

It's a little town-like place, very English with tea shops and little houses and castles. The bike route goes through the woods, where you'll pass swamps, cattle farms and wheat fields and probably collide with nettled bushes too, but it's worth it-especially if you like free-falling down dangerously steep hills,lol. It's too cold now possibly, but definitely somewhere to spend a day once in a while with friends.

Sorry, I got carried away hehe.

khadijah said...

Argh!Gosh I'm sorry. Your blog strangely displays an account I don't use :S

It's Khadiijah

sayyeda said...

I went to hyde park yesterday (I'm told I went there as a child, but the memory's not there.. lol).. so anyways I'd pictured hyde park to be one boring park with about 10 trees... lol.. but was amazed as to how big & beautiful it was..

sit by the lake and read.

and Woww!.. I've never done that.. Tonbridge sounds realy nice, will pay it a visit on day Inshallah.

biking sounds fun as well.. I havent biked for longgg.. :)

Your blog strangely displays an account I don't use :S
I don't know why that happens.. :S hmm..

Khadiijah said...

Hyde park is beautiful, though I've never properly explored it. Thanks for the reminder. Reading by the lake is on par with looking at the stars, lol so schedule it in sometime.

Other lovely parks include Regents park and Valentine's park in East London.

Biking isn't really me at all, but it was a colourful experience. If you do go remember it's Tonbridge, not Tunbridge.

I'll come back here once in a while to see what injuries you have to report, lol. Until then, wassalaam.