Saturday, September 23, 2006

So its been around a week since ive been in london.. been wanting to blog for a while, just been busyyyy lol.. have to do everythin.. cook, clean.. and noo im not complaining.. im actually enjoying it lol..

londons really pretty and quiet..and the undeground systems not a tad bit difficult.. id heard from a few that it was difficult.. and well id agree except its quite difficult to get lost.. :D

The nights dont feel like nights! lol.. its sooo bright! The first night there were no visible stars. The night later i could only see 4 stars! i meannnn the idea of being able to count stars is soooo... (can't think of a right word) lol..

(Sorry no pictures this time.. lol)


neuroticnoon said...


welcome to our "humble home", you should have let us londoners know your coming down!

hope your enjoying the weather today was unusally warm for september, must be for you!

what is this you talk of?
your right on very special occasions do we see stars nothing like kenya thou!

enjoy the rest of your stay btw what type of people are you living with?
making you cook and clean, sounds like a mother in law (i kid)


sayyeda said...


aww.. thx :)

hmm.. yess its quite warm heree.. bt so is mombasaa lol

hmm.. stars.. that name sounds soo familiar.. getin the deja vu feeling.. aaah! yess see there was this place that had soo many stars.....

loll.. and im stayin with my couz sis.. its funn.. the other day we were tryin to battle a slug in the middle of the night.. (4 am) lol.. k its ws quite funny this is wat happened..:

couz sis: sayyedaaaaa wake upp theres a slug in the kitchen
me: *gets up*
*rushes to get doom(some kenyan insecticide)*
omg its overr.. what do we doo?
couz sis:well lets sweep it and put it in the bin
me:but if we do that n when we open the bin to throw something...
sis: it will stare at us
me: yess! exactly! hmm.. okay lets put it in a plastic bag.. and thn throw it..
sis: alright.*goes to get a brush*
me: *gets a tesco bag and holds it wide open*

thts just one of the funny things that happened.. anywayss see u aroundd!

neuroticnoon said...

Happy Birthday!

heres wishing you a great day!
and a great year ahead (no longer a kid huh?)

enjoy yourself and take care


sayyeda said...

thxx 4 the wish.. :)
hope alls well at ur endd!

Sakeeena said...

hey...yea youre right about the stars..same thing with Canada...i might as well tell you that ive taken to sticking glow-in-the-dark ones on the ceiling in my room!lol..but i nearly broke my neck trying to fix them up there!;)