Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3 Oxford 2007

About 2 weeks back I visited the lovely town of Oxford :)
With its old buildings and narrow streets it somehow seemed like 'The zanzibar of Britain'

Below are the pictures:

The High street

The Radcliffe Camera

From inside the Bodleian Library
And probably the highlight of my trip. They had an exhibition called 'The flower garden of spring-paintings from Mughal India' The collection (from around 1560 to 1800) was marvelous and the paintings featured characters such as Layla and Majnun, Ashtar and Jayyida, Sohni and mahinval, Shah Jahan, Akbar and others which I cannot recall.


dangerously_shy said...

I live in good old Oxford and glad to see you captured most of the colleges. Hope you had a good time

neuroticnoon said...

Lol the Zanzibar of Britain, sounds nice.

I'm more of london person myself, I'm a realy hermit when it comes to going anywhere around england.

sayyeda said...

thx 4 stopping by dangerously_shy :)