Monday, July 09, 2007

0 Road trip

I have returned from Tanzania, and this time surprisingly I really enjoyed myself.

We decided to drive instead of flying the usual way as there have been alot of delays reaching over 5 hours by the only airline that flies between Mombasa and Daresalam. The drive was pleasant :) I loved it!

One thing I learnt was how road drivers communicate with an upcoming vehicle to ask of any police nearby. lol. They flash once. If a police is not present nearby then wave, if he is, then some hand action is done which I did not see properly lol.

Near Daresalam, a man stood in the middle of the highway, at first we thought he was probably a maniac, on reaching nearer he moved to the edge of the road and we realised he was trying to make sale of the maize corn in his hand.

Anyways more on Tz later lol.