Sunday, February 03, 2008

4 Updates on Kenya

2 Mp's killed this week. 'Mugabe Were' Mp for Embakasi and 'David Too' Mp for Ainamoi. The latter's murder is termed by the police as a crime of passion. Too's death has increased havoc in the country. The traffic policeman - a Kisii, who shot him was murdered by angry mobs. The killings sparked clashes between the Kalenjins and the Kisii. Overnight 13 people have been killed in Western Kenya after clashes between Sotik and Borabu districts. A primary school was torched in Chebilat.

On Saturday, a mob surrounded a church near Eldoret and burned it to the ground on. Those inside managed to escape unharmed.

Some victims of the violence have been thrown into the deep crater of the extinct Menengai crater north from Nakuru. There they are preyed upon by wild animals. The volcano is named "kirima kia ngoma" (Devil's place) by the locals, as they claim it is under the control of evil spirits.


* said...

On BBC News at the library the ticker thing at the bottom of the screen read: "UN Envoy:clearly genocide" and I wondered why there wasn't panic. Seems too much like Rwanda. I hope your friends and family are far removed from it all, Insha'Allah.

Sayyeda said...

Talks of genocide and ethnic cleansing have been going on in the country since the crisis started.My guess is everyone's used to hearing it now.

It indeed does seem like Rwanda in 94.

My family and friends are mostly on the Eastern side of Kenya, which is far far away from the skirmishes. Life's resumed to normal there.

* said...

I think you may be right.

Well, that's something to be grateful for :)

Sayyeda said...

Hmm.. yes it is * :)