Sunday, February 08, 2009

1 Ramblings

When I started blogging I knew it would never be consistent. So for a while I enjoyed my sporadic posting and then I forgot! lol.

I wouldn’t literally mean forgot my blog but I felt I forgot how to write. My math degree is so not a good contribution lol makes one forget the wonderful world of words! I'm not going to promise if I'll be writing a lot more often. Though I'd like to write more than I do. I want to write about everything I think about, sadly takes abit more time to put it in words! lol.

Anyways this post has no purpose apart from just rambling about things that probably make sense to only me. Life's been fair to me. and I'm grateful for that. Compared to what's going on around the world I would say life has perhaps been more than fair.

I've been musing myself with generous amounts of tv episodes and movies! It's taken over my reading for pleasure time! lol But thank God for commuting whereby I can get some reading done.

For now I'm just in my final year struggling to keep up with the logic and analysis of a subject introduced to the world by the Babylons and ancient Egyptians.

I’m still around..;)



Anonymous said...

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