Thursday, May 17, 2007

3 Free...!

I feel free,

Like a bird,
soaring high
in the fractional sky,

Like a fish,
swimming deep
in an infinite ocean,

Like a stray cat,
on an endless road,

Numerical nightmares,
mathematical thoughts,
are just illusions

is of the past,
though I speculate
it will be back

But for now,
I have to sieze the moment,

Feel the warmth of the sun,
after the cold winter,

Appreciate the flowers
that are now prevalent,

Smell the earth,
after a rainfall,

And smile,
because it's just begun!


Khadiijah said...

You've developed a poetic streak in England, or have you always possessed it? :)

sayyeda said...

lol this poetic element just approached me for a while, now I fear it may have dissapeared. It is like the blue moon.. lol

Anyways I have found a vast amout of literary works in England! :) lol The first time I entered a bookstore, I could not do 2 things; 1) get out 2) stop smiling lol..

Lysandra said...

Well written article.