Tuesday, May 29, 2007

6 Invisible

I cannot be seen,

neither can I be perceived,

Nobody knows where I've been,

I can make you feel deceived,

I am undetected

to the eyes,

I do not feel rejected,

and these are not lies,

for I am Invisible

and not visible

( To read pls highlight lol )


neuroticnoon said...

Lol that was really good!
took me a while to realise how to read it, but thats me just being silly.

hey are you still in london?
because i was going to email you, i had some tickets to watch Othello at the globe and the person who i was meant to go with stood me up last minute, only thought of you at the end of the day and wasn't sure you were still here.


sayyeda said...


Anyways I'm back in Mombasa.. It would have been lovely to watch Shakespeare on stage.. hmm.. anyways I'll be in London for my 2nd year Inshallah..we should go for a play or something then lol.. tc.

neuroticnoon said...

inshallah, I'm guessing you've not been before then?

Hope your enjoying being back home and the weather, its been rainng pretty much every day this week!



sayyeda said...

Yeahh not seen a single Shakespeare play lol.. I told myself I'd go see it soon but never got around.. :(

Lol.. thanks for the London weather update! Our winter starts now.. actually we just have 2 seasons.. rainy and sunny. It's raining here as well! A nice weather to fall asleep in lol.

According to one of my friends, being back in Mombasa is like being in rehab! lol.. 'Welcome to rehab' were her exact words! lol. and I agree with her!

Rodrigo said...

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sayyeda said...

obrigado rodrigo