Friday, May 25, 2007

2 Mombasa: An aerial perspective

Last year after coming to terms with the features of Google Earth, I entered Mombasa, hoping to see it from up above. The search was worthless, no results were found :(

I ended up entering places such as my university-to-be and areas I wanted to visit in the United Kingdom.

Now that exams are over, and with the little free time I have, I found myself on Google Earth all over again. This time the search for Mombasa proved fruitful. Found a few places of interest:

The famous tusks built to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Mombasa

TSS (Tallest building in Mombasa) and the bustling area of Mombasa

The lighhouse strip

Actual Lighthouse

The ferry-link between South-coast and Mombasa