Monday, December 31, 2007

3 Kenya's ongoings..

I wonder what happened at 2 P.M with Raila odinga, the man who perhaps would have been Kenya's president to be sworn in as the people's president today at Uhuru Park, Nairobi 2 pm. The government has termed it illegal to visit.

The situation currently in Kenya bears resemblance to the situation in Nigeria during 1993 where chief Moshood Abiola was running against Bashir Tofa. Abiola won the results but was denied to presidency.

An American observer then wrote:'the elections had been the fairest, whilst the unofficial results showed a clear victory for Abiola'

Parts of Kisauni were being vandalised. Items such as mattresses, carpets, TVs, computers were a few of the items I saw being stolen.

In Othaya celebrations in honour of Mwai Kibaki were violently going on. With tires being burnt. The scene was difficult to distinguish from that of a protest.

Meanwhile I appreciate Kalonzo's attempt in trying to bring peace between the 2 Presidents!


Ibrahim Ali said...

The Americans have withdrawn their congratulations from Kibaki.

Does the situation look calmer today?

sayyeda said...

I didn’t see anything today whilst passing the same roads of Kisauni that I passed yesterday heading for Malindi. It looked alright.

But there was a church burnt in western Kenya and 40 Kikuyus were killed! Al Jazeera linked it to Rwanda's 94 genocide! I really hope it doesn't turn into Luos vs Kikuyu. Kambas are also being targeted as Samuel Kivuito (head of ECK) is one. This is also the tribe that Kalonzo hails from.

Also petrol is scarce. We had to make trips to various petrol stations to find one that actually had petrol. People are stocking up. There's a long queue for entering Supermarkets.

This crisis has caused petrol prices to rise in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

Yesterday 4 Electoral commissioners held a press conference and agreed there were irregularities in some of the results. They're true Kenyans!

Every good Kibaki did for Kenya in the past 5 years has been forgotten and now he's termed as Mwizi (thief) Kibaki and not Mwai Kibaki. If Kenya degenerates, he will be held resposible. I believe this a silent coup. Interestingly, the last coup occurred in 1982, and Raila as well as his father Oginga played a huge part in it. It will also be very difficult for Kibaki to name a cabinet, as most of the MP's are from the opposition party.

Anonymous said...

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