Wednesday, December 19, 2007

4 Roads of Mombasa

Today was declared a National holiday in Kenya by the president as its Eid Ul Adha. The evening seemed to pass rather slowly and so we thought we'd go out for a drive of Mombasa.

With the elections round the corner we were met by some members of the ODM campaigning on the roads of Mombasa. They chanted amusing slogans whilst the song 'Najib Balala Najib Balala wakati wako sasa' (Najib Balala Najib Balala it is your time now) played in the background.

I captured some of the drive on video below, including bits of Light house and a drive past the goat sellers.


Ibrahim Ali said...

Nice video.

sayyeda said...


sakeena said...

say..ure blogs awesome..the videos just too good..captures msa town pretty well-the sea..the shops in town and the people and the goats ofcourse! ;)

sayyeda said...

thanks Sakeena. Now we have something to see when we're home-sick! lol. Though it probably would make us more depressed! lol.