Thursday, January 03, 2008

1 Headlines for the wrong reasons

Last week around this time Kenya was making headlines for all the right reasons, Now its making headlines for all the wrong reasons.I take back all the confidence I expressed about my country. I was shortsighted, and failed to realise that Kibaki could care less about the humans beings of this country.

Behind the car, people que up for kerosene in Mtwapa (North of Mombasa)

Kibaki told reporters that he was ready to have dialogue with the other parties once the nation is calm. Raila has agreed to talk to the president if and only if he-Kibaki resigns.
Can someone tell me what is wrong with the "Presidents"? Calm can only be restored in this country if and only if they accept the will of the people. Kibaki cannot expect Kenyans to abandon the fight for democracy so as to negotiate with him. As for Raila, he needs to swallow some pride in him!

Kenyans have been calling for the two leaders to talk to their people and ask them to stop the fighting. But with the leaders making such claims I think this is a dangerous line they are forcing Kenya to tread upon.

Town was quiet in an uneasy way. Some streets are deserted whilst many shops remain closed

A deserted petrol station after Nyali bridge

Schooling will now resume in Kenya from 13th January instead of 8th January.


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