Friday, January 04, 2008

2 Situation in Mombasa

The queuing for kerosene continues in Mombasa. Kerosene is used by many for lamps and cooking.

A GSU Police patroling an area.

Sakina Mosque, a few minutes after demonstrators took to the street after Jumah prayers from this place.

The road beared stones which lay scattered. Najib Balala a member of the ODM pentagon vowed that this demonstration will continue till the governement agrees their wrong doings. In response to the protest, police fired tear gas to stop the opposition supporters from moving forward.


Kulsum said...

heyyy i really like readin ure blog !!! its very interesting and keeps us all kenyans away from home linked to our dear country! i really hope things get to near calm if nt calm at all for the moment..and thankfully todays been a lil bac to normal i hear, if at all it is, i hope it gets much better over the coming days!
ps : i can see my house in one of ure pics!! :) keep posting..and ill keep reading ! bye for now tc xxx

sayyeda said...

Kulsum thanks :) Hopefully it should all get better in other parts. Mombasa's been calm, it's just these peaceful protests that are causing an interruption.

Lets just hope a solution is found and agreed upon.