Tuesday, January 08, 2008

3 A song for Peace


This song on being Kenyan and the Kenyan flag:

...na ishi na tumaini na jitolea daima kenya hakika ya bendera utabidi wangu
nyeusi ya wananchi
na nyekundu ni ya damu,
kijani ni ya ardhi
nyeupe ya amani,
daima mimi mkenya mwananchi mzalendo....

....and I live and hope to forever give the Kenyan flag its right,
black is of the people
red is for the blood
green for the earth
White for peace
I will forever be a patriotic Kenyan citizen...

Thanks to Sakeena for the final translation


sakeena said...

wow..really nice!..and no ..one line thats probably way off the mark isnt a translation! ;)

sayyeda said...

lol Sakeena, you helped translate 2/7th of that. which accounts to around 30%! You deserve the credit!

Adi said...

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