Saturday, November 10, 2007

3 Cairo Rihlas II

Cairo Rihlas II

4th November:

[Outside the tomb]

We first visited the tomb of Mereruka in sakkara. It's the largest tomb in Sakkara. Cameras were not allowed here. The walls were filled with drawings on all over describing the daily life, dances, punishments and other..

Next we saw the step pyramids of king zoser, It was one of the first pyramids that the Egyptians built.

In Memphis which was the capital of Ancient Egypt more than 5000 years ago we saw limesone statue of ramses II :

alabaster sphinx

and a statue of some pharoah

This pharoah was alive when its statue was made as its left leg is forward.

Our guide then took us to Siwa perfumes who dealt with flower extracts. I was suprised to learn that they exported their essences to major companies like estee lauder, calvin klein, channel, D&G etc. These companies would mix 20% of the essence with 80% alcohol.To recognise true essence add a drop of essence to water and it will sink to the bottom before mixing in.. Students of chemistry will probably know better.I got myself Golden wattel (said to help in concentration) and Ramsses (the Egyptian equvalent to l-eu de issey).

And lastly we went to see the 3 pyramids and the sphinx. They were all massive. Each pyramid had sooo many million stones and each stone weighed about 2 tonnes. The stones came from Aswan by the Nile, they were then raised by ramps. Our guide mentioned that the location of pyramids was chosen according to some stars.