Saturday, November 10, 2007

1 Cairo Rihlas V

Cairo Rihlas V

9th November:

I'm on the plane now, on my way back to London. In a way I'm glad to be going back. Cairo was too noisy. The car drivers are really impatient and they would make use of their horns constantly. Their roads make Digo Road - One of Mombasa's busiest roads look like child's play! Crossing the roads was another big hassle and the Zebra Crossing is just a decorative ornament for the road. But well you learn to get used to it.. lol.

In the last 2 days I visited the Khan el Khalili Market twice. I enjoyed it more each time.
'Spend your money here' 'Just looking no buying here' 'India ya bakistan?' 'babyrus for 10 pound' were few of the phrases I heard.

I had a good time, learnt quite abit and well I'm now glad to be going back to London:)

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Rihla means travel, made famous after Ibn Battuta's Narratives called Rihla. I liked the sound of Rihlas.. and so I chose to call my Visit: Cairo Rihlas


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