Saturday, November 10, 2007

1 Cairo Rihlas IV

Cairo Rihlas IV

6th November:

Today was well let's say exhausting. lol. I find Shopping an ardent task, it's really not my thing. The market was called khan el khalili. Its a shopping maze with narrow alleys running around everywhere.

The shops had good touristy stuff. Items made of papyrus, egyptian footrests, sheesha pipes ...As we walked around many kept shouting 'India ya Bakistan?' And we either ignore or reply hind, occasionally Kenya but this means explaining how we came to be Kenyans. To them its really confusing that we're Kenyans.

Anyways in some narrow alley outside a shop some man asked us the above question, and well as usual the reply was 'hind'. But this man had Kenyan features. You could tell. And so my dad asked him where he was from. His reply well...put a smile to our faces, yes he was Kenyan. lol.W
e conversed with him in Swahili for a while. I like Swahili, it's a good language. So anyways this man's a student at some university there and he was studying linguistics. He mentioned that Moody Awori (The vice president of Kenya) was there a week back. His shop was a mix of Egyptian and Kenyan curious. I recognised some Kenyan key chains and masks.

Near the market is the Imam Hussein Mosque.


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